Bringing small business operators together, combining all our unique skills and experience to help everyone achieve more! BizNation has been created to help small businesses with their everyday struggles.

Every business needs a support network…bringing these people together can be a challenge and also having separate conversations and receiving different opinions can be confusing.

When everyone collaborates together, the message is clearer, easier to decipher and also becomes more helpful in joined conversations.

Want to share your services,  join our Facebook Group – Micro & Small Business Support Group.

Like-minded business owners and budding entrepreneurs gather in this group to support each other and share their services to our growing community.

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An added extension of the Facebook group, we would not be true to the cause without a Podcast!

Many of us business owners commute and there is no better time to listen to a podcast while driving to a client or on the way to the office.

Those working from home can also tune in while they put on a load of washing at lunchtime or whilst they are out for their morning walk.

No matter where no matter when we are here to be listened to!

Here are your hosts:

   Kerry Zarb   –   Zinc Business Solutions                                                     Adriana Slattery   –   The Property Society Australia


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