Contact: Ro Bailey
Website: 77boxes


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Hi. I am the founder, and owner of 77boxes. 77boxes is a gift/ subscription box small business, catering to children from 6 years. 

Prior to starting my own gift box business, my own children were introduced to the idea of subscription boxes, by friends at school. They loved receiving a gift in the mail each month!

However, looking at these boxes; and the items contained within, I did not find them to be very cost effective. It was also irritating having to pay postage in addition to the quoted price.

I decided then to put together my own boxes for them, each month; tailored to their individual tastes. I also created similar boxes for the children of friends and relatives as gifts. Each child (& their parents) loved and appreciated these.

Therefore, after some thought and consideration; I decided to broaden my audience; and launched 77boxes.com

We have 10 different categories, and allow our customers to mix and match to get the right combination for each of their Special Young People. 

We hand pick and hand pack each box specific to the child based on their age, gender (to some extent), categories chosen, and any other information given to us by the customer.

There is no minimum to buy – choose the plan that best suits your needs! 

We include standard postage within Australia, in our prices, and there are no hidden fees or charges. 

My aim, as always, is to provide cost effective gift boxes; tailored to each child; for the duration of their subscription period.