Every business needs a support network…

From our COVID-19 lockdown experiences, life of the office worker has changed. With more team members working from home, this might see the end of the Monday-Friday office grind.

For some this is welcome news and for others, their need to interact with co-workers has seen them not so happy and dying to get back to the office.

It is really made up of 2 kinds of people, introverts, and extraverts.

Introverts have relished in the WFH atmosphere. Being able to concentrate on their work, they have powered through the productivity barriers and found themselves on cloud 9 being able to achieve more work in less time due to less interruptions from their bubbly co-workers.

Whilst our poor extraverts, our social butterflies, our expressive and compulsive work companions, some of them have really found it tough. Playing louder music while they work, swapping the cup of tea with a sneaky wine and trying to control the urge to watch Netflix or Stan at lunch time has made it extra tough while they are mostly alone and missing the daily interactions desperately.

These 2 kinds of team members are normally mixed in the office environments together, the extraverts look at the introverts and wonder why they just want to work.

The introverts look at the extraverts and can’t understand their careless nature and fun-loving outbursts that they think belong more in a nightclub.

Which ever of these 2 you are, or even if you are a combination of both, the office life of the future might look very different.

One could suspect that more flexible working arrangements would be favoured in the future. This could see everyone getting their preferred arrangement for most working days.

Much of this could depend on the business type and its ability to adapt during social distancing and some will return to the normal Monday – Friday for pure operational reasons.

My guess overall will mean more flexibility for those that prove they can WFH efficiently. This could see new roles in the future begin in the office and then migrate to flexible working arrangements also.

Businesses may also see the cost saving of the traditional office and choose to continue the remote working life with virtual meeting options by their side for daily catch ups with the team. Also using helpful collaboration tools for project and workflow sharing, its really the best time resources wise it give it a real crack and potentially continue this path.

Many have swapped their morning commute for a short exercise session and this can only be a good thing as a vast majority didn’t have time before.

In addition, the time saving for the team members is huge. Being home in record breaking steps instead of the public transport nightmare or traffic congestion we all know too well.

I suspect that WFH also brings other savings to team members, less takeaway food costs and in house coffee, this all adds up in a week and not being tempted to the local café as frequently also keeps more of their pay in their pocket.

So, watch this space. As restrictions change in many areas and the country starts to resume a new normal, whatever that is, we will see changes on the other side of COVID-19.