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Zinc Business Solutions

We are only ever a phone call, text message, or email away. We also love to see you virtually ask us to connect you to our secure conference software and share a virtual cup of coffee with us anytime.

At Zinc we break down this process to help those running their small business and in some cases, we take those pesky items off your plate and just “get sh;t done” for you.

Contact: Kerry Zarb
Phone: 0433 897 887
Work Email: kerry@zincbusinesssolutions.com.au
Blog: Zinc Articles

Jp Web Development Solutions

Jp Web Development Solutions offers professional website development services in the Gippsland town of Morwell, Victoria for clients all over Australia looking to establish an online presence for their business.

Contact: Jarryd Paton
Work: 170 Buckley Street Morwell Victoria 3840 Australia
Work Phone: 0431590166
Work Email: jarryd@jpwebdevelopment.com

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Employees calling in sick for work

Employees calling in sick for work

For those of you that employ others, this will all be too familiar for you. Many of us grew up in the days or have in built within us that being sick for work, well, it just didn’t exist. Some of us had to be absolutely dying to take a day off. Sadly, in today’s world...

What’s your business goal?

What’s your business goal?

Its important when we start our own business to know what our goal is. We might be looking to replace an income, sometimes we just want to do something we love and something that feels like it’s just for us. No matter what the reason, the most important thing is to...

What is BizNation?

What is BizNation?

Hi everyone and thanks for reading my article. I thought I should start by explaining what BizNation is. I remember thinking of the name and it was one of those brain storming moments on a weekend and strangely I had just finished watching a show called “The 100”. Not...

Being a leader

Being a leader

Small businesses these days are very different to years ago. The boss was feared, employees would leave as they felt undermined and so inferior within a business, it was dreaded to go to work and absenteeism was common. Small business has come a long way. Employers...



As SME’s we often find that we wear all the hats. Sales, service, marketing, client contact, finance just to name a few. When you reach the point of being so busy, sleep is being swapped out for tasks to keep going, it’s time to outsource! Or if you don’t have time...