Every business needs a support network…

In today’s show, we chat with Clare Wood from herself. Clare chats with us about “the business coach”, what is a business coach, who needs one, and for how long. We also unpack how to find a business coach and finding the right person to work with for your business journey.

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Here is the episode breakdown:

Time  Topic

2.18  What is a business coach

3.04  Who should have a business coach

5.05  Different types of business coaches

6.10  Coach areas of specialty

7.40  How do we assess if a coach is right for us

9.05  Finding a coach, the process

9.45  How to work with a coach before committing

10.10  Research a potential coach

11.54  What can we expect out of a business coach

13.30  Examples of clients

16.48  Guaranteeing results, be aware of this point

18.25  How long do we need a business coach for

21.20  Can we change coaches or even have more than 1 coach

22.34  Forming the relationship

23.40  Having no support in your business

25.04  Final tips from Clare

26.52  How to find Clare and BizNation

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