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In today’s show, we chat with Jon Arrigo from Microkeeper. In this episode Jon shares with us where Microkeeper began and how it has evolved and is super scalable with businesses using an online platform, giving automation and a simple way of doing all things Payroll.
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Here is the episode breakdown:
Time  Topic
1.55  When and where did Microkeeper begin
5.40  What kind of business can use Microkeeper
8.04  How does the onboarding system work
11.26  Skills and files section of Microkeeper
13.42  Rostering, what is the key aspect and why do we need it
17.05  Time off in the system and predicting leave accruals from rostering
18.39  Tracking leave owing from the leave bank
20.15  Benefits to staff and business operators, sharing details
21.00  Employee console options
22.09  Location, role and job settings
22.51  STP (single touch payroll)
28.50  What does Microkeeper not do
30.15  Skills matrix build from a client’s request
33.20  Microkeeper summary
34.10  What is Microkeepers newest technology from COVID-19
36.35  COVID-19 takeaway – Yay moments from Corona

From today’s episode, you can find Jon and Microkeeper:
Website: https://microkeeper.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/microkeeper/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microkeeper/

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