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Something I have been meaning to talk to you about for a little while is an amazing way to be on top of your business numbers. In episode 4, I spoke to you about knowing your business numbers and we broke this down into a simple formula, so if you haven’t listened to this episode, head on back and take a listen. Episode 4 gave some great insight into knowing your business numbers and today I want to tell you about a great program to help you be even more on the money, Xero Cloud Accounting.

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Here is the episode breakdown:

Time  Topic

1.05  About the BizNation Co-Pilot Program

2.55  The Xero story

3.43  Some Xero basics

4.12  What is cloud accounting

4.56  Xero integrations

5.49  Xero costs and levels explained

6.51  Auto superannuation benefit

7.23  Bank feeds

7.51  Bank rules

8.50  Check your bank statements

8.59  Sales invoices, statements and reminders

9.40  Bills & Hubdoc integration

10.10  Share your file directly with your accountant

10.40  Files in Xero

11.27  Batch payments for bills & invoices

12.49  Payroll made easy

13.40  Timesheets for payroll

14.11  Find and Recode

15.17  Reporting options

15.57  Mobile APP

16.45  Xero response to COVID-19

17.09  YouTube tutorials coming soon

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