Every business needs a support network…

In today’s show we have 2 powerful women in business that actually launched just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit our great nation. Talk about a massive time to start a business, yet together they have navigated their way through this difficult time supporting each other and growing their network of business buddies around the world.

Shida operates Dental on Demand, a Sydney based mobile oral health service that visits child care dentures, corporate workplaces and also conducts home visits.

Also joining us is Jacquie from Senior Dental Care, also a Sydney based mobile service, who is making dentistry available to our dearly loved and vulnerable aged care facility residents.

Together these two amazing oral health therapists are not only making dentistry accessible, but affordable and striving to bring dental education to all age groups.

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Here is the episode breakdown:

Time  Topic

2.54  What has been the hardest part of starting your business

4.26  Are you more comfortable since starting your business

6.17  What’s something you know now you wish you knew before

7.42  Stepping out of comfort zones

8.29  What’s the biggest challenge in oral health

9.40  Education side of business

10.50  What’s the business goal

13.08  Where to from here

14.40  Marketing challenges at the start

17.15  Whats a positive take away from COVID19

19.26  Where can we find you both

From today’s episode, you can find Shida from Dental on Demand:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dentalondemand_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dentalondemandaus

Website: www.dentalondemand.com.au

From today’s episode, you can find Jacquie from Senior Dental Care:

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/seniordentalcare

Facebook: www.facebook.com/seniordentalcare.com.au

Website: www.seniordentalcare.com.au

How can you find us:

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