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In this 2 part episode we dive into Facebook advertising, reach, audiences, the Facebook Pixel details and also and not forgetting chat marketing. Covering details of all of this wasn’t something we could compress and we really could have chatted all day about it. Dan has such a wealth of knowledge to share on these topics, instead of one large episode we have broken it into 2 and with both launched to you now, no suspense necessary.

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Here is the episode breakdown:

Time Topic

0.35 The inside of social media audiences

3.22 The Facebook Pixel, what does it mean

6.25 No plan to advertise now, still get the Pixel

7.12 How do businesses know when their ads are working

13.01 Facebook chat, and chat bots in general

15.25 ManyChat, a great chat bot option

17.34 24 hour rule of chat messaging

20.03 Email open rates and click through rates vs messenger

21.10 Facebook and Instagram merging messages

24.20 WhatsApp encrypted, purchased by Facebook

25.30 Dan’s positive take away from COVID

30.34 Where can we find you

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