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In today’s episode we chat about domain name registration and also having a business website online. These 2 critical pieces of the business puzzle can be overlooked with the popularity of social media.

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Here is the episode breakdown:

Time Topic

1.13 Online on social media does not fully compensate for a website

2.13 Domain name registration all the pieces

5.19 Where to go for a domain name

6.10 .com.au rules to follow, legally owned name

6.35 Business website vs social media presence

7.00 Size of the website options

7.22 Think about what you want in your website

7.50 Website options, DIY or Developer

8.10 DIY, building your own site – key points to consider

10.41 Using a Website Developer – the real truth

12.12 DIY parts I forgot to tell you – WordPress

13.03 DIY content & images supplied by you and learning this

13.32 Developer will help you build everything

14.25 Time, your time vs cost

15.25 Cost guide vs getting what you pay for

16.29 Start planning your website and research the project

17.58 Tie in your branding through all your platforms

18.38 Where to find my website developer – see below

19.27 Join the Facebook Group – see details below

Sharing my Website Developer:

Jarryd – https://www.jpwebdevelopment.com/

How can you find us:

BizNation https://biznation.com.au/

Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/microsmallbusinesssupportgroup/

Kerry @ Zinc Business Solutions https://zincbusinesssolutions.com.au/

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