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Pivoting is the business hot topic right now and it was already time to pivot this podcast into something more awesome and also discuss COVID times in business. We chat in this episode about launching during COVID and where to get some new leads for a new or existing business.

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Here is the episode breakdown:

Time  Topic

2.35  Pivoting in business

10.25  Launching a business during COVID

14.00  Taking the plunge into the property game business

16.35  When is the right time to launch a business

22.05  Where to find leads when you first start out

25.15  Documenting leads and Adriana’s morning routine

Helpful links from today’s episode:

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway:  Audible Link https://adbl.co/2ZJSgZm

by Susan Jeffers

Booktopia Link https://bit.ly/2ZHpZCK

Atomic Habits by James Clear:  Audible Link https://adbl.co/2XIcBMm

Booktopia Link https://bit.ly/2AbO1eG

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