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This is where I should write about myself and my troubled years of small business or how I survived something catastrophic. Well I don’t really have such an alarming story to capture your sympathy.

Nor do I have a long tale of business woes or outright hardship.
Not to say there is no story, there is always a story.

But I prefer not to share it, I don’t think it will bring value to this site nor your decision-making process weather you should join or not. It’s FREE to join, so just bloody do it and stop procrastinating.

I began this site because I was once and still am, lets face it, a small business entrepreneur.

I still have questions unanswered myself. I often type a question into google and go “holy crap, where do I start” to find the answer.

All I See Is Noise!

I visit many large sites in hope of simple help and all I see is noise!

So, I decided it was time to stop complaining about it and just create my own.
A simple yet effective help stream for small business. A community of like-minded small business operators who just want/need to find those answers.

I am by far no expert and will never claim to be one. But I wanted everyone’s knowledge to have a platform and for us all to share our experiences, so that we can all continue to learn and grow in small business, because one thing I do know and am 100% sure of, we never stop learning!

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