Every business needs a support network…

I’m not the type of person to look back, but this COVID experience has brought moments of reflection I never expected.

In February 2019 I was in the Gold Coast planning an inaugural event for a client and February 2020 saw this event week in Sydney. 2020. Such an exciting ride to plan events and something I have missed in the past few months. It takes months to bring events together and so much energy goes into every aspect, something I miss greatly.

But most of all I miss the location, the week of the event, being on site, a fresh view and feeling almost like a tourist on holiday. And the buzz of opening day, nothing beats seeing all the hard work from the team come to life!

This year is very different, the planning has been paused and although working from home has many benefits, not going away this coming February is starting to sink in!

So I’m up for new challenges, new reasons to look forward, but needed to look back and appreciate these times and the experience received to be truly grateful.

In episode 25 of the podcast, we chat with Dr John Hagiliassis about the business owner journey and how much we can learn in our business as we grow.

You can listen here

Many business owners face challenges of change and moments when we have to move with the times. But COVID has taken this to a whole new level for so many. Unexpected, uncontrollable and uncomfortable aspects of being a business owner have hit us all in the last few months. Nothing anyone could predict or even fully prepare for.

Some businesses have been in a position of strength due to their existing business models, many of those were already working remote.

Others have sadly had to close their doors.

Whilst others have pivoted and will never do business the same ever again!

One thing COVID cannot take away from us, is the passion and desire that lives within. The true entrepreneur spirit of grit and determination from generations of business owners before us. Those that suffered through wars, economic disasters, the GFC and much more. Dr John shares some of his experience on this topic in the podcast.

But there is no denying that COVID has “hit the world for six” (tribute to Dean Jones, Australian Cricket Legend)

What’s something in your business that you have recently reflected on…something you miss or something you can’t wait to bring back?

Or has COVID become a positive change in your business?

As businesses diversify and move with the times, this presents new challenges, and as business owners we find the need for more support and new ways to reach potential clients and hit our market niche.

Reflection can bring concern for the future…

What is the new business normal going to look like? Time will tell.

One thing learnt, although remote working was normal, counting on certain revenue streams was not foreseen as a concern before. This is now present in every business, no matter what size, what industry, we have all been affected.

For those reflecting, think of how far you have come, think of the positive moments you have experienced and stay positive for the future. Yes, it will be different and no doubt present us with even more challenges to endure. But your mindset can make a massive difference.

Surround yourself with positive people, join community groups to find the pieces of your puzzle you need fulfilled.

If you’re looking for social groups to join, head over to our Group on Facebook here We have members ready to lend a hand, give advice and help each other through these unchartered waters. I look forward to seeing you there!