What is BizNation?

What is BizNation?

Hi everyone and thanks for reading my article. I thought I should start by explaining what BizNation is. I remember thinking of the name and it was one of those brain storming moments on a weekend and strangely I had just finished watching a show called “The 100”. Not the kind of show I normally watch; but it got my attention for some reason.

Anyway, in this tv series they had something called Nation and to be honest I don’t recall what that even was as I was fixated on what my next creation was going to be.

So, when I started jotting down names for this new beast, the words business and community had to be used. Both having too many syllables for my liking, after traipsing the online thesaurus words for quite a few hours the end result was BizNation.

And so, others can connect quickly, I added the tagline Small Business Community.

My goal was to create a website that small business owners/operators can visit and find useful hints, tips, tricks and if really stuck, ask a question on the forum.

I planned to connect small business operators with others and create a real community online.

I know what you’re thinking, this chick is nuts, there are a million of these on Facebook already. Why would you make something that already exists and is at everyone’s fingertips?

Let me explain…

So, my idea of social media is simple, the bare basics to me are Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook!

Linkedin is my newspaper online a professional playground. I connect with people I know in other businesses for either work- or work-related reasons.

Instagram is like a night club in my head. You post just about anything, anytime, anywhere.

Facebook is for family, friends and sometimes even close work colleagues.

So, if I am running or managing a small business and I get stuck on something, the last place I want to place it on is Facebook. I would be mortified at the idea of a question relating to an employee being publicly seen on Facebook. I would hate for a co-worker or work colleague to see something they shouldn’t or even if I had another business acquaintance in my friends and they saw something about a financial question. It just doesn’t sit well with me.

So, in these circumstances and let’s be brutally honest, we all have moments of needing help! Where do you go? So, based on this, my personal struggles like this, BizNation was born.

I have created BizNation for others, others that are like me, we get stuck, we need help and we can’t always be as public about it as we would like.

Dear Diary, no Dear BizNation, and get replies.

I spent many an hour online looking for answers to my questions in the past. Bobbing in and out of government websites and getting nowhere, getting lost in the maze of the bewildering platforms.

BizNation currently has no traffic, ok, just a tiny bit, but I’m not going to lie about it, there is me and few others that have joined to support me. But that’s ok.

Have you ever been in the shopping centre and you go into a store and its all yours, not a soul in there, it’s great, right? And then you turn around and 6 other people have come in.

This is what I expect to happen. And you know what, if it doesn’t happen or it takes a long time to happen, that’s ok.

I built BizNation on a shoestring budget, mostly my time has gone into it and if that doesn’t see tonnes of people, its just means they haven’t heard about it yet, they haven’t gone past my front door and seen someone else in there yet.

I also want to explain BizNation, although it’s all about running a small business is not a monetary item for me. I work as a consultant for business and I don’t need new clients and I’m not strapped for funds.

I haven’t built this to “get rich” – this is a passion, helping others is the outcome I am looking for.

I wish this was around for me 20 years ago.

Once there is traffic, I do intend to charge small fees for business advertising, but this will be just to cover costs. I’ll say it again, its not a “get rich” gig!

So, are you are slightly curious, what’s inside BizNation

Let me tell you what you will find;

Events page – showcasing things small business owners/operators might be looking for

Directory – we all need to outsource, and if we don’t, we should, so you can get some great contacts here from many industries

The Forum – the beating heart and soul, please don’t be afraid to ask a question

Hints & Tips – this is the newest addition and there will be more coming soon

Articles – so far these are written by me and I hope to bring articles from others soon too

I am also, completely 100% open to suggestions, what else do we need, what will help a small business these days, please suggest anything and let’s grow the shit out of this together

If you have listened this far and want to see what’s happening, visit the website biznation.com.au

And above all else, thanks so much for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to making the next one 😊

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